Crochet Cardigan

I made a blanket last year with Granny’s squares and it turned out beautifully. But it wasn’t being used as much so I decided to make a cardigan out of the squares. I added a brown colored yarn to border the squares. You can follow me on my instagram that I’ve linked below to know the details. I’ve created a highlight just for the making of the cardigan.

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This is the complete look of the cardigan
crocheting a granny’s square

a lot of tutorials are available if you wish to learn how to make a granny’s square. I use the pattern where I double crochet thrice in the space and for the corners, I chain 3 in between the 3 double crochet stitches. I will upload a video of you wish to know how I make granny’s squares

the yarn i used to border the squares in the cardigan
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Afternoon Knits

Imagine sipping coffee while sitting on an old rocking chair in the balcony. It’s past noon and yet the air is cold and crisp. The sun shines so bright, it makes you feel it’s warmth even though the weather doesn’t favor it. You pick up a new project to work on, your fingers moving on their own, knitting a beautiful stitch pattern you’ve just learnt.

Afternoon knits and coffee are both an indispensable part of my life now.

I knitted a beanie cap with the most amazing yarn I came across. Check out how it turned out in the end.

The pattern is very simple. I generally knit 13 rows of k2p2 rib pattern i.e. knit 2 and purl 2 followed by a simple stockinette pattern and seaming the hat in the end by a tapestry needle. It’s relatively easier to decrease stitches while making the crown because we are working with the stockinette pattern. I hope you make your own beanie caps like this as well.

Happy knitting!

Crochet Scarf

I made a crochet scarf for my mom last year. I learnt these new stitches and the pattern through an amazing Youtuber’s tutorial video. I have mentioned the link in the end of this post.

I used this yarn I ordered from the website

This is how I made the scarf, step by step.

I knitted a beanie cap using the same yarn. It turned out beautiful as well.

Hooks Or Needles? What should we pick up first?

Knitting and crochet can be learnt individually and many don’t know both. It depends solely on personal preference. I learnt crochet first. I completed big projects like blankets and scarfs with grandma’s squares and other stitch patterns before learning how to knit. Both have their own perks so I hope you learn them both. I’ve attached links to my YouTube videos which can help you get started. Have a wonderful day!

Here’s what we have learnt in 2020

Both crocheting and knitting are amazing crafts that make us feel relaxed and gives us the peace which we always yearn for. Our grandmas have been knitting and its a tradition passed down through centuries. In this modern world however, it’s hard to find people engaging in a simple and relaxing life. Then how can we make these crafts a part of lives? In the recent years and especially in 2020, our generation has promoted aesthetics like cottagecore, grandmacore, honeycore etc. which introduce us to the benefits of simple living and learning arts. And the fun part is that we don’t actually need to live in a cottage to experience it. We can make our homes cozy. We can bake breads, plant saplings, try gardening in the little space we have and knit in the afternoons while listening to bird sounds. The idea is beautiful and many people have successfully brought elements of these aesthetics into their real lives and it does make a huge difference.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage more people to learn knitting and crochet, to buy handmade clothing items and to invest in small businesses that provide us yarn and amazing handmade stuff. Knitting and crochet are for everyone. Anyone interested can be a part of this beautiful community no matter what your age is or your gender.

I welcome you to the hooksandneedles ❤️

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