Afternoon Knits

Imagine sipping coffee while sitting on an old rocking chair in the balcony. It’s past noon and yet the air is cold and crisp. The sun shines so bright, it makes you feel it’s warmth even though the weather doesn’t favor it. You pick up a new project to work on, your fingers moving on their own, knitting a beautiful stitch pattern you’ve just learnt.

Afternoon knits and coffee are both an indispensable part of my life now.

I knitted a beanie cap with the most amazing yarn I came across. Check out how it turned out in the end.

The pattern is very simple. I generally knit 13 rows of k2p2 rib pattern i.e. knit 2 and purl 2 followed by a simple stockinette pattern and seaming the hat in the end by a tapestry needle. It’s relatively easier to decrease stitches while making the crown because we are working with the stockinette pattern. I hope you make your own beanie caps like this as well.

Happy knitting!

11 thoughts on “Afternoon Knits

  1. “Imagine sipping coffee while sitting on…” 💚 the image you have conjured up here with your words…


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