Crochet Cardigan

I made a blanket last year with Granny’s squares and it turned out beautifully. But it wasn’t being used as much so I decided to make a cardigan out of the squares. I added a brown colored yarn to border the squares. You can follow me on my instagram that I’ve linked below to know the details. I’ve created a highlight just for the making of the cardigan.

instagram id –

This is the complete look of the cardigan
crocheting a granny’s square

a lot of tutorials are available if you wish to learn how to make a granny’s square. I use the pattern where I double crochet thrice in the space and for the corners, I chain 3 in between the 3 double crochet stitches. I will upload a video of you wish to know how I make granny’s squares

the yarn i used to border the squares in the cardigan
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