Crochet Scarf

I made a crochet scarf for my mom last year. I learnt these new stitches and the pattern through an amazing Youtuber’s tutorial video. I have mentioned the link in the end of this post. I used this yarn I ordered from the website This is how I made the scarf, step by step.Continue reading “Crochet Scarf”

Hooks Or Needles? What should we pick up first?

Knitting and crochet can be learnt individually and many don’t know both. It depends solely on personal preference. I learnt crochet first. I completed big projects like blankets and scarfs with grandma’s squares and other stitch patterns before learning how to knit. Both have their own perks so I hope you learn them both. I’veContinue reading “Hooks Or Needles? What should we pick up first?”

Here’s what we have learnt in 2020

Both crocheting and knitting are amazing crafts that make us feel relaxed and gives us the peace which we always yearn for. Our grandmas have been knitting and its a tradition passed down through centuries. In this modern world however, it’s hard to find people engaging in a simple and relaxing life. Then how canContinue reading “Here’s what we have learnt in 2020”

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